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Dearborn lawyers are skilled in criminal defense & in cases in which the plaintiff has been wronged. Peter C. Doyle PC prides itself on having assembled a team of Dearborn lawyers who can represent you regardless of the crime.

Dearborn Lawyers

Peter C. Doyle PC is the firm of choice for any and all legal advice and representation in the Dearborn, Dearborn Heights and Livonia areas. Specializing in Bankruptcy, Foreclosures and Chapter 7, our skilled and competent Dearborn lawyers have years of experience representing individual clients as well as big businesses and corporations.

Peter C. Doyle PC's services go way beyond court trials and out of court settlements, however. Our skilled Dearborn attorneys make it a point to support their clients from the very beginning all the way to the very end, offering counsel, advice, and studying each and every case closely to ensure every detail of the case is taken into account and used to their client's benefit. We also provide follow-up services in cases where paper work or applications must be filled, as is often the case with driver's license reinstatement or the acquisition of whiskey plates.

Legal Expertise

  • DUI / DWI Law

  • Criminal Law

  • Family Law

  • Immigration Law

  • Labor, Employment & Tax Law

  • Government Counsel

  • Corporate Counsel

We will be happy to help you whether you have been charged with a crime or are seeking legal counsel either for yourself or on behalf of your company or government organization.

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